Contest Rules, Deadline and Ownership of Artwork

The Youth Poster Contest is open to all middle and high school students, both public and private schools, in Marin County, CA.  Middle school students must be in 6, 7 or 8th grades to enter. Homeschooled students of middle and high school age are also eligible to participate in the contest if they reside in Marin County. 

Posters must be original artwork of the student, and on or mounted on poster board, any size between the minimum dimension of 16” x 20” to a maximum dimension of 22" x 28". Posters may be executed in any medium (oil, acrylic, markers, pastel, collages, photography, canvas mounted on poster board, etc.) However, posters cannot use text or images taken from newspapers, magazines, downloaded from the Internet, or other sources to form a collage, as this would not fit within the “original art” rules of the contest. Students can use materials such as fabric, aluminum foil, yarn or other materials as part of a collage, as long as these materials are accompanied by original artwork by the student. 

Posters may also be created or enhanced digitally, but must begin as an entirely original work of art by the student, and printed to the required size for submission.

Posters may be produced individually or in collaboration with other students. A collaboration means no more than three students working on the same poster. If produced in collaboration with others, the Entry Form must include all names and required information for all participating students. Students, individually or in collaboration with other students, may submit only one poster into the competition.

The Entry Form must be included with each poster and attached to the back of the poster, with the title of the poster, name of the student, their age, their school or organization, the name of their art teacher or principal, hometown, email address, and importantly, with their personal telephone number or that of their parent or guardian.  

Note: Each Entry Form must include the signature of the student's parent or guardian. Posters submitted without all the required information will not be eligible for the contest.

See "Entry Form" in the menu bar and download the form. 


                                                                       Ownership of Artwork

Ownership of the artwork submitted for the contest will remain with the artist. However, the producer reserves the right to reproduce and publish any and all artwork submitted for this contest, and publish the artist’s name, age, and school for promotional and marketing use.

Posters may be picked up following the announcement of the contest results at RileyStreet Art Supply in San Rafael, except for the winning entries, finalists, and special award winners, which will be kept for a period of time as part of the Youth Poster Contest Bay Area Exhibition Tour, and then will be returned to the students upon completion of the tour. 

Contest Submissions Open: January 3, 2022

  Submission Deadline: Friday, May 6, 2022

All posters must be delivered to RileyStreet Art Supply, 1138 4th St in San Rafael by Friday, May 6, 2022