Youth Poster Contest Is Now Open  For 2022!


We are thrilled to announce that the Youth Poster Contest is open for the 2022 school year following the cancellation of the 2020 contest due to COVID 19.  It has been a most challenging time for school administrators, teachers, students, and their families, with the closure of all schools in Marin County.

Marin middle and high school students have an unprecedented public platform to stand up and speak out about social justice, health, discrimination, climate change, women’s rights, immigration, firearms regulations, bullying, and other issues important to them. Our purpose is to stimulate creative ideas, problem-solving skills, collaboration, and use art to inform, challenge, and inspire the greater community to take action and make a difference. 

Our 2019/20 contest was the most successful ever, with over 300 posters submitted. Due to pent-up interest in this contest, expectations are high for an even greater turnout for our new contest.

The Youth Poster Contest also focuses on reaching underserved Marin youth who might not otherwise participate in such a contest due to a lack of art teachers, art supplies, or parental support at home. We engage students through free poster workshops in several Title I schools, and an exciting new partnership with the San Rafael-based nonprofit, Next Generation Scholars, which provides educational programming to at-risk Marin students.

Youthquake is defined by Oxford Dictionaries as a “significant cultural, political, or social change arising from the actions or influence of young people."  Youthquake sounds like it should - the rallying cry by youth to shake up the stagnant ground and make the world a better place through their positive actions.