WOW! What a Year!
2019 Youth Poster Contest Was Amazing!

The 2019 Youth Poster Contest attracted 235 incredible posters from 11 high schools and 17 public schools, both public and private, throughout Marin.  The calibre of the messaging and the artwork was our best ever.

Again, our goal was to provide a highly-visible public platform for the youth of Marin to stand up and speak out on social justice, women's rights, firearms regulation, immigration, climate change, gender and sexual equality, and other issues important to them.

Our four professional poster artists judges had the most difficult time selecting the top posters.  In the end, they selected 10 finalists, 10 winners and the Producer's Award Winner.  Visit the 2019 Poster Gallery page to see these amazing posters.

Most especially, for 2019 we expanded our outreach to engage students from underserved communities. We held four in-school professional artist-led workshops, a field trip to the Haight Street Art Center and an unprecedented five-session, over 5 days, Social Justice Poster Course at Novato High School. 

Prominent environmentalist David Brower once said: "I'm always impressed with what young people can do before older people tell them it's impossible."

2019-2020 Exhibition Tour

Our 2019 Exhibition Tour is now underway. Beginning with our Awards Ceremony at RileyStreet Art Supply, the 21 posters will travel throughout the Bay Area on a very special Exhibition Tour and will be seen by tens of thousands of people. Visit the Exhibition Tour page for dates and locations.


Oxford dictionaries defined youthquake as a “significant cultural, political, or social change arising from the actions or influence of young people." 

Youthquake sounds like it should - the rallying cry by our youth to shake up the stagnant ground upon which politicians and others who will not raise their voice, or their vote, against this madness.  We must all join this youth movement for sanity and safety.